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COLLIAUX Opticiens

DEMAY Opticien & audiologiste






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HYPER U Guichen

MINISTERE de la Jeunesse, des sports et de la cohésion sociale.




You decided to make renovation works in your house or apartment ?


The application is an important worksite which require a good preparation to lead to satisfactory results within the agreed deadline. A first meeting will allow me to estimate with you the scope of the project, to define your needs and wishes, to picture and analyze the potential and the technical constraints of the place. From this first exchange I will elaborate 3D sketches which will help us to target precisely your expectations and to have simple and progressive exchanges.

After the validation of those sketches, I can define more precisely the schedule, realize the detailled plans and a description of each work area in order to allow the craftsmen to put a cost on the works, on the basis of the same project.

I come with you in the different showrooms to assist you during the choice of the materials, equipments, furnitures according to your needs. We pay attention to details, everything is decided with you, from the switch to the shower head, from the tiles to the door handles, from the ceiling light to the number of drawers in the dressing-room.

I choose the best local craftsmen in order to guarantee high quality execution and respected deadlines.

Once the global budget and schedule are definied, I supervise the coordination of the work site until the acceptance of work.

And finally, you enjoy your new space !

You are a professional, you create your activity or wish to improve your work tool ?


The interior designer is your partner to create and elaborate with you the concept and the layout which will highlight your goods, your supplies and the values of your company.

My job will be to create a special place, a global concept by ensuring the coherence of your identity to build and strengthen your brand image.

I supervise, if necessary, the work of a multidisciplinary team (graphic designer for the creation of a logo and a corporate identity, landscaper…)


Let’s meet to talk about your projects !

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Imagine together your new interior decoration.

You wish to change the interior decoration of your house or apartment which does not match totally anymore, or you just moved in a new environment and you need help to maximize this new space, to take over it while highlighting your furniture ? 

During a 2H30 meeting we will be able to exchange about your project and choose already some of the required changes (colors, type of lightings, furniture’s layout…). After this meeting you will receive a illustrated report explaining your new possibilities. 

This consulting service can be adapted for various project such as : 

- choosing a new range of paintings and/or wallpapers. 

- giving help for the selection of the materials (tiles, wooden floor, earthenware, stairs, etc…) 

- changing a part of your interior decoration while keeping your whole furniture or just a part of it. 

My aim as an interior designer will be to LISTEN to you in order to understand your wishes and your lifestyle, and SHARE with you my vision of your project, my ideas and my energy to make it successful. 

Flat rate 2H30 : 300 € (inc VAT) including report. 

Flat rate 2H30 : 420 € (inc VAT) including report and 3D draft.

Purchase a property off sale with confidence.


You just have made an off-sale purchase with a real estate developer or you entrust the construction of your house to a prime contractor. You can take part in the choice of many layouts, such as isolation, kitchen implant, storage units, electric equipment, lighting and of course of the floor and walls covering, etc…


Some of the most important decisions, which will have a decisive impact on the final rendering of your property. I propose to take part of it by giving you advices, proposing you ideas and recommendations according to your tastes and wishes.

We can plan a meeting about the plan in VEFA (Sale of property for Future Completion) in order to discuss your project.


I can take part with a simple advice meeting (duration around 2H30) for a 200€ (in VAT) flat rate.

Or precising a bit more the project with the elaboration of a 3D simple draft of your property for a flat rate of 280€ (in VAT).

Or assisting you during your project with the craftsmen, layouts and kitchen installers who will complete the layout of your property after the delivery by the real estate developer (estimation of the fees according to the content of the mission).

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